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Extend in the Vale: Providing Classes across the Vale of Glamorgan

My name is Shirley Dodd-Clark and I am a registered EXTEND teacher: a member of REPS and level 3 fitness instructor. I first trained with EXTEND in 2005. My training was sponsored by Age Concern Cardiff and the Vale.  I worked voluntary for them for 2 years providing classes in a residential home and a general open class in Barry. I continued to do occasional classes over the following 6 years alongside my paid employment with the Vale of Glamorgan council.  In 2013, I decided to set up classes in the rural vale and pursue this as my main employment. Hence, EXTEND in the VALE.   My background was not originally in the fitness industry but I have considerable experience of working with the older population and people with special needs.  I have a vested interest in staying fit and healthy and enjoy sharing these aspirations with others.

My PRIMARY aims are to:
Provide fun and safe exercises
Ensure that all abilities can be catered for
Enable people to relax and have fun
Enable people to make new friends and feel better in themselves
To help people maintain their independence
To improve their stamina/flexibility and mobility
To improve their life style and share the moment!
My classes include a wide variety of people, the age range is 58-100(!) but the FUN is endemic in all.  I now operate 3 open classes and 4 closed classes which include a residential home, pensioner group and local Darby and Joan club.

Sponsorship: Since starting this venture and initially investing my own capital, I have been fortunate to receive sponsorship from Dow Corning, Barry, Health in the community Committee: I was able to buy a considerable amount of equipment through their generosity. In addition, I was able to get a community chest grant from Vale of Glamorgan Council to further supplement my equipment and continue my own professional training.

Also, I have received fantastic support from Jane Platts at Age Connects in the Vale through help with venue costs at Rhoose.
In addition, the management at each class venue have been very supportive in the initial stages of me setting up my classes by being flexible on payment and generous in their encouragement and promotion of classes:
TO ALL of the above, A VERY BIG THANK YOU.
Shirley Dodd-Clark EXTEND Teacher in the Vale of Glamorgan