Gentle movement to music for the over sixties and less able people
As we continue to expand, I would like to share hints and tips in this section.
At each class, I provide pamphlets from Arthritis UK and Diabetic Society (free of charge).  These pamphlets give clients lots of information regarding everyday living and useful exercises that will help to keep you mobile. If you have access to the internet, you may find the web links on the contact page useful.
Please see classes page for the revised timetable from Feb 2019
St Athan Class Celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 2nd February

New Year 2016

Class dates for 2016:

Classes start 4th January

There will be a break week commencing 15th February then continue up to 24th March

Easter break week commencing 28th March & 4th April

Looking Back on 2015...

Christmas has past and looking back on 2015 from an EXTEND perspective it has been a mixed year. Some highs some lows. Sadly Dave Rogers a very popular member of our St Athan group died in October. We all miss him greatly. He will be remembered by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was such a fun, engaging, caring man.

On the positive front we have had new members join all the classes and fortunately, Dinas Powis will continue for the foreseeable future. Some people have left due to ill health and again they will be missed by the rest of us. But altogether the numbers remain steady at all classes and will continue as 2015. New members are welcome any time. Please spread the word.

In February 2016, the St Athan class will have been running for 2 years. I cannot believe it but thankfully people keep coming back and I understand they enjoy themselves! We will have a celebration party: More detail to follow! Also, it is hoped that a beginners class will start in the early part of next year. Again, more details to follow.

Christmas Lunch:

We had our lunch on 8th December at St Athan golf club. Representatives from all classes were there. Lunch as usual was brilliant. We also held a raffle to support a local charity that is setting up a sensory bus for disabled children. The grand total of 80 was raised and I took this to Paul and Sylvia on the16th December. Many thanks to all who supplied the prizes and bought the tickets!
Dinas Powis Group
Rhoose group
st athan extend group Dec 2015
Murchfield Dinas Powys Group
Rhoose Group
St Athan Group
Christmas Raffle Proceeds handed over to Sylvia for Sensory Bus 16 Dec 2015

Latest News 8th November 2016 - Autumn News

Just a quick update. Due to family illness classes had to be suspended for 2 months. However 2 classes are now back running and a larger hall at Rhoose has been hired, in order to accommodate those from St Athan. The class for St Athan will be reviewed in early 2017.

I would like to thank everyone for their support over the Summer.

Summer Lunch at St Athan Golf Club was very well attended and we raised 137 for a local charity involved in brain tumour research.

The next social event will be on 6th December, Christmas Lunch at St Athan Golf Club.
Extend in the Vale -Update
2019- At last an update
Since 2016 life has been very difficult health wise for my mother and as her prime carer I have had to prioritise my work so  my class at St Athan will not now  be re-opening.
However, Rhoose and All Saints have continued despite some necessary stoppages. I am pleased to say they will continue as long as I am able to attend.
I would like to thank all my very loyal class members who have continued to support me and never complain when I have had to cancel last minute. Your care and support is what life is all about. I appreciate it greatly.
What have we done since the last update?
In 2017/2018 and even 2019 we have managed to have summer lunches and Christmas celebrations at the St Athan Golf club. A great meal, super  company and lots of fun all round.  We also held a raffle at each event and  donated to local charities. including Welsh Air ambulance, our  Local Parkinson Group, Cancer research, Ty Hafan children's cancer charity, Sully.  Thank you again for all the wonderful support.
Rhoose has had new members over the last 6 months and continues nicely. All Saints, southerndown has sadly lost some members due to ill health and also in both classes we have had some dear friends  pass away.  They will not be forgotten. All unique and all friends in time.
So what are you doing in 2019?
Why not join us at either of the above mentioned classes. We are a friendly bunch and we have fun exercising  to music from all genres plus socialising afterwards with a cuppa and cake or fruit too!; We make friends, support one another and keep active both mentally and physically.